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The Odisha government has adopted a regulation allowing investors and farmers to enter into an agreement on contract agriculture, given the continuing uncertainties associated with the pandemic. According to an official letter, “the date of the agreement on the sustainable intensification of potato cultivation for the self-supply of Odisha production has been set for a period of one year from 1 September 2019. The work of the project is affected by the situation of the COVID 19 pandemic and other related problems.┬áIn addition, both loans and advances made by the promoter to the producer can be recovered from the proceeds of the sale of the products and cannot be realized under any circumstances by the sale, mortgage or lease of the property for which the agreement was made. Odisha Deputy Secretary to Sports Director-Cum R Vineel Krishna and irfu President Maneck Unwala signed the agreement on Tuesday on behalf of both parties in the presence of Minister Odisha S-YS Tusharkanti Behera, Vishal Dev, CEO of the IRFU, Naseer Hussain, former Rugby International player Rahul Bose, member of the IRFU Board of Directors and Director U.K. Mohanty and senior official of the S-YS department With this agreement , the Odisha government intends to develop Odisha`s brand in the national sports ecosystem in recent years. “This link with Rugby India should develop Odisha`s brand image, which in recent years has become an important cog in the national sports ecosystem,” a press release said. The agreement is between the contracted farmer who offers participation in a component or a total value chain, including pre-production, and the farmer (farmer) who agrees to produce the crop or raise the livestock. “And this partnership between the Odisha government and Rugby India will not only help develop rugby in Odisha and India, but will also support and strengthen the high-level training of India`s national teams,” said the Minister, whose presence was signed by the Odisha government and the IRFU. The State Government has written to the Regional Director of Asia, CIP, Vietnam office, for the renewal of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoA) signed last year for an additional year.

The Odisha government and the Indian Rugby Football Union (IRFU) signed an agreement at Kalinga Stadium on Tuesday to sponsor India`s national rugby teams for the next three years until 2023. – Special arrangement Former Indian rugby player and actor Rahul Bose also marked the agreement as a historic symbol of India Rugby. “This is a historic day for Indian rugby. Thanks to this support from the Odisha government, national rugby players (women and men) are paid for the first time for their services to Indian rugby teams. This is a solid first step towards making rugby a professional sport in the country.

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