Convertible Note Purchase Agreement

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“Debt” means any person, (a) all of that person`s obligations with respect to borrowed money (including, but not only, repayment and other obligations relating to bond bonds, letters of credit and banks153, whether payable), (b) all of that person`s obligations, which are proven by bonds, bonds, debts or similar instruments (c) all commitments of that person to pay the deferred purchase price of real estate or services, excluding liabilities from accrued commercial and commercial accounts, (d) all rate and currency swaps, caps, caps and similar safeguards that require that person to make payments, whether periodically or after the occurrence of an eventuality; (e) any debt resulting from a conditional sale contract or other property reserve contract relating to the property acquired by that person (even if the rights and rights of that person are likely to be derived from a property right). The seller or lender in the context of such a late contract is limited to the withdrawal or sale of this property, (f) all obligations of that person under leases that have been or should be accounted for as capital leases in accordance with GAAP and (g) all obligations of Link (with the exception of Links to the benefit of lease included in clause (f) if the debt thus guaranteed has been taken care of by that person or does not use that person`s credit. If it is guaranteed, it means that the debtor has mortgaged certain security to guarantee the amount owed under the notification. The convertible debt holder contains all the relevant agreed terms that have been negotiated in the convertible debt sheet, as well as other standard fund change provisions such as: a note purchase contract (sometimes called a subscription contract – see below) is a contractual wrapper that makes note financing a little more formal and a little more like equity financing. It usually outlines the mechanics of the conclusion (to ensure that no single bondholder is taken as the only one to invest), it adds in certain representations and guarantees on the part of the company around validity and authorization, it adds some bondholders and guarantees around the authorization as an accredited investor, and in some cases it can be used for this , cover some of the most important provisions you can expect in a Note Holders agreement, or a voting agreement (both are explained below). The execution, provision and compliance with this agreement and each of the other transaction documents to which it is associated, as well as the transactions envisaged and therefore, not limited to the purchase of debt securities, has) have been duly approved by all necessary measures; (b) are not contrary to the terms of the buyer`s organisational documents 153, nor to a modification of this document and (c) no violation, violation or realization of Link or creation of Link to violate or result in a contractual obligation of the purchaser or a legal requirement applicable to the purchaser or a law-activity, which would have a significant negative effect on (i) the buyer`s ability to fulfill the essential obligations of that agreement or one of the other transaction documents. or (ii) the legality, validity or applicability of this agreement or any of the other transactional documents.

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