Giz Collective Agreement On Remuneration

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Very low, contrary to the external image of “sustainable development.” Far too many international flights, often for very unproductive meetings/events in Germany. It is a lottery to know whether the direct supervisor also has good leadership, social management and human resource management skills. It is customary to agree on individual annual career goals. However, these are often very general and sometimes unnecessary activities (for example. B organization of an internal exchange of knowledge or a short document that no one will have anyway). It must be understood that within the GIZ, the direct supervisory authority has little decision-making power. In terms of career advancement, the bosses of direct supervisors are decisive (at the head of department level or more). That`s why you learn from day one that it`s important to be “visible” in the organization, otherwise you`ll never receive an indeterminate contract after 5 years (regardless of your performance). If you negotiate with HR, your salary could be pretty good. But it is not comparable to international institutions or development banks, because you have to pay German income tax.

Depending on the field you work in. If you are working on a demanding project, you could have a very interesting job. If you work in HQ, it depends, because there is a tendency of the organization to focus solely on itself. The Support to Strengthening Resilience in Northeast Nigeria program supports improving living conditions in Borno and Adamawa states in northeastern Nigeria, where the terrorist organization Boko Haram has destroyed millions of infrastructure and livelihoods. The programme, which works at the interface between emergency aid and development cooperation, is aimed at displaced people, host communities, returnees and returning communities. By restoring social infrastructure, encouraging agricultural and economic activities and promoting access to basic education, the programme will strengthen the recovery of individuals. Through participatory development planning and capacity development of local and government communities, the program strengthens links between local communities and leaders, government institutions and civil society, thereby fostering social cohesion. regular basis, as some providers classify emails from our recruitment system as spam. Abuja is located in central Nigeria and is the capital of the country.

The good weather with temperatures of 25-35 degrees Celsius is typical of Abuja. Basic medical care is provided by several doctors and clinics who practice according to international standards, including a German doctor, with standard medical care from Germany. A German and international kindergarten as well as international primary and secondary schools (French, American and British programs) offer education to children. Several international supermarket chains are open in Abuja and offer a wide range of everyday consumer products. Abuja also offers a variety of sports (football, tennis, squash, swimming, volleyball, yoga, etc.). This also includes opportunities for children. Abuja`s art and cultural scene grew young, but constantly. The number of international restaurants and cafes is increasing.

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