My Id Travel Agreement

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Lufthansa Industry Solutions has developed myIDTravel with a large customer community, which means it has a variety of features that cover almost all requirements. As the default solution, the cloud service supports all the features relevant to ID Travel`s management. MyIDTravel can also be integrated individually into all normal operating processes, such as solutions. B payment or staff information systems. In addition, myIDTravel can process any booking segment in the airline`s connected computer reservation systems (GDS) performing the flight or individual flight level. This means that flights like this no longer have to be operated between airlines, resulting in significant cost and time savings. Airlines can use the cloud-based myIDTravel solution to manage complex interline processes for business-related employees and individuals in a simple and efficient way. MyIDTravel is provided as as a service (SaaS) software and can be easily integrated into existing IT environments. Employees simply help themselves with their favorite desktop browser or on their smartphones or tablets. There is a simple way to manage staff travel: airlines use myIDTravel to manage their employees` travel at a lower cost and on time. IT departments that use this SaaS solution enjoy the benefits of cloud technology and employees appreciate the intuitive use of the app via a smartphone, tablet or computer. A growing number of digital natives among staff believe it is old-time to book e-tickets for personal flights, known as “identity travel,” only on a desktop computer. Airlines that want to not only increase staff satisfaction, but also optimize their discount travel processes in the aviation industry, should take care of a mobile travel management solution based on SaaS.

More than 270 customers, including leading airlines around the world, already rely on myIDTravel to increase travel satisfaction and cost-effectiveness during the booking process. Zonal Employee Discount (ZED) is a multilateral agreement for discounted personal travel for airline staff and other travellers. Airlines may agree bilaterally to apply one of three fare levels (low, medium, high), available/underloaded and/or positive space/business booking status, as well as authorization to travel in economy and/or business class cabins. Since its inception, the organization has expanded to some 180 airlines around the world, as well as more than 70 subsidiaries. ZED/MIBA Forum member airlines represent more than 90 countries and 6 continents. The management of the ZED program was merged with the MIBA program in 2001. These programmes are governed by three separate agreements: ZED/MIBA Forum Agreement, ZED Agreement and MIBA Agreement. ZED is half of a larger organization known as the ZED/MIBA Forum. The forum consists of more than 175 member airlines from around the world participating in the ZED and/or MIBA (Multilateral Interline Business Agreement) programs.

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