Sale And Agreement To Sell Under Sale Of Goods Act

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3. The provisions of this Sales Contracts Act do not apply to transactions in the form of a sales contract, as the transaction is intended to constitute an agreement that creates or provides for an interest in goods intended to ensure the payment or performance of a obligation. R.S., about 408, 60; 1995-96, about 13, 85. (2) The unpaid seller of goods, who has a right of guarantee or withholding, does not lose his right to pledge or his right to retain only because he has obtained a judgment or decree on the price of goods. R.S., about 408, 44. (2) If such a third party is prevented from assessing at fault of the seller or buyer, the not guilty party may sue the indebted party for damages. R.S., about 408, 12. All conditions stored for understanding the sale must be carried out jointly by both parties and respected throughout the deal process until the date of the sale agreement. Therefore, a sale agreement is a basic document on which the deed of sale is written. In other words, the sale agreement can be characterized as confirmation of the future event, which may take place depending on the compliance with the conditions set out in the present. 4.

Paragraph 3 does not apply to the sale, collateral or other disposition of property or property documents on goods by a person who acquired the goods in possession of the goods under a security agreement whereby the seller has a security interest under the Property Security Act. On the chance off that the products are destroyed, misfortune is carried by the buyer, although the merchandise is in the seller`s possession. In section 4 (1), the sale is defined as a contract by which the seller transfers the goods at a price to the buyer or commits. That`s what happens in the present. Such a sales event is firm, conditional and binding on both parties. A sales contract is made by the idea of buying or selling goods at a price and confirming such an offer. (6) Section 39 applies to determine whether a taker has accepted property or part of it in accordance with paragraph 5 of this section. The application of rights, obligations or liability ends in accordance with Rule 4 of the law. If the goods are delivered to the purchaser after authorization or “in the event of sale or restitution” or similar conditions, the property contained in it is transferred to the purchaser 50, subject to this law, the unpaid seller`s pledge or the withholding or stop during transit are not affected by a sale or any other disposition of the goods that the buyer may have manufactured unless the seller has approved it; except that if a leg of ownership has been legally transferred to a person as a buyer or owner of the goods and that person transmits the document to a person who accepts the document in good faith and in precious consideration, b) the validity of a sales contract, in accordance with a special general law or legal purchasing power. , or on the orders of a competent court.

R.S., circa 408, 25. (2) Whether a buyer`s right to pledge under item 1 (a) or subsection (1) b) should be discharged is optional for the seller, but the dismissal of the pawn right referred to in the first paragraph, period b), does not affect any right of action of the purchaser because of a breach of the sale contract.

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